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Global mobility


Prepare for a global future

The Global Citizenship Program is aimed at supplementing your studies at Deakin and involves a combination of different international activities such as:

           International study experiences
           Participation in internationally-focused units
           Seminars on international topics
           International internships
           International-centred volunteering
           Foreign language studies

Once you have acquired the set number points and skills, you will be awarded the Global Citizenship Program Certificate that will list the activities and the skills you have gained.
While the program is primarily non-credit bearing you can attach the certificate to your resume that will outline the skills and  attributes you have attained.

This will assist you in communicating to future employers the additional skills you can offer in this increasingly globalised world. The Global Citizenship Program is designed to be completed before you graduate.

How to participate in the Global Citizenship Program

Each activity is given a point value based on its associated skills and the extent to which each skill is developed.
Refer to Global Citizenship Activities and Outcomes for full details.

Your aim is to accumulate a minimum of 100 points and 17 of the 20 skills to complete the program.
In addition you may prepare reflective pieces on many of the activities you participate in, and explore how they
have contributed to your development as a global citizen.

To become a Global Citizen, you will need to participate in a number of internationally-related activities that will
assist you to develop key personal, academic and careers skills.

Sounds good? Now how do I become a Global Citizen?


Register with the Global Citizenship Program
Email your full name, student ID and course code to:
We will include you in our database and update you with the latest international opportunities.

Step 2
Participate in a variety of internationally-related activities such as: International study, volunteering, internships, conferences, or units, or domestic activities with an international focus.

Step 3
Earn a total of at least 100 points, as well as develop at least 17 of the 20 skills of global citizenship

Step 4:
When you are ready to Apply for the Global Citizenship Award
Download, complete & submit the GCP Application form along with the required supporting documents, by August 10 2014. Should your application be successful, you will receive the Global Citizenship Award!

Step 5
Become a well-rounded, active, and mature citizen of the world!

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